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Copperz Brewing Co.

Microbrewery Branding

As the creative director for this microbrewery, I was able to establish the visual representation of this brand from the ground up. With a steampunk theme determined for the microbrewery, I drew from visual trends and colors to invoke the steampunk theme in the logo. The primary logo features an ornate gold font, three gears, and colors inspired by copper, rust and green patina. The secondary logo is a simplified wordmark that features a gear incorporated directly into the brewery's name. 

Copperz Logo
Copperz Logo
Copperz Menu Front
Copperz Menu Back
Copperz Billboard
Copperz Hometown Ad Mailer
Valpak Ad Mailer Front
Valpak Ad Mailer Back
Copperz Business Card Front
Copperz Business Card Back
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