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About Me

For as long as I can remember, I always enjoyed creating things—stories and drawings and crafts. And while that interest was fostered by those around me, I began to shift my studies towards the science field, specifically microbiology and neuroscience. So naturally, when I applied to Temple University as an undergraduate, I declared my major as Neuroscience. However, by the end of my freshman year, I realized that this field of study was not a passion of mine that I wanted to continue in after graduation. Faced with this reality, I turned to the career center on campus and it was there that advertising was suggested to me. It seemed like such a clear and obvious career path for me—I could create art like I had always loved doing but with a driven purpose behind creating.


In my first semester studying advertising, I was taking a class across from the office of the publisher of JUMP Philly. Passing by the bulletin board outside his office that was plastered with copies of the music magazine stopped me in my tracks every day to read a new article. From a very young age, I’ve always had a passion for music—how a composition of notes from instruments and sung words could transport you and evoke such powerful emotions. For a long time, I wondered how to act on this passion, to make it a bigger part of my life. So when I had a class across from the office of the publisher of JUMP Philly, it seemed serendipitous that I was meant to act on my dream to write and photograph for this music magazine. 

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